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Bus 142 Has a New Home

Museum of the North

University of Alaska, Fairbanks Campus
1962 Yukon Drive
Fairbanks, AK 99775

Returning the Magic Bus to what it was in the early 90’s, before vandalism further degraded the well-weathered vehicle, is a lengthy process. The Friends of Bus 142 community assists the museum through both exhibit planning & financial support. In 2023, the preservation work took place on campus within the Engineering Building’s high-bay, a workspace with full glass walls and a view that was accessible to the public for free. For more information contact the museum at (907) 474-7505. The final home for the bus will be built in a protected yet appropriate outdoor location. A corresponding indoor exhibit is also being planned. Once completed, access to the outdoor exhibit will be free to the public during museum hours. Subscribe to our email updates to stay informed & to learn how you can be a part of the next chapter with us!

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What Happens to the Bus Next?

We need your help.

Every step of this project will rely on public funding outside of Alaska. Bus 142 is a globally recognized symbol to countless individuals of breaking free from limited expectations and societal norms. Through all of you, this collective spirit lives on.

Be a part of the museum's vision for the preservation of Bus 142, making it safe & accessible to future visitors.

Together, We Will Help the Magic Bus Live On, Just in a New Location.

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